All NEW! Classic USB C sockITz white


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The all new classic sockITz USB C version features a full 30w of charging power to keep your devices powered in minimum time.


The PD3.0 ( Power Delivery 3) certified charger module is capable of swapping voltages and current ( Amps) depending what your device asks for…. From 5, 9, 12 or even 19 Volts for laptops the integrated charger can efficiently charge new devices or old.


The charger is compatible with Apples new 20W fast charging 9v/2.2Amp requirement used on latest gen iPhones and iPads.


Android user?  Don’t worry we have included support for Qualcomm”s Quickcharge 3+ feature that can take a device from 0 to 71% charge in 30min on the Classic sockITz Type C


Tired of dragging your MacBook charger around?   Leave it at work and charge your Macbook and other USB C chargeable laptops direct from the USB C charge  ports without the need for an external power brick.


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Input: 240-250V AC 10AMP

Output AC: Double 250V

Outlets Output DC: 5V 3.6Amp, 9V 3.3Amp, 12V 2.5Amp, 15V 2Amp, 20V 1.5Amp

USB Charging Standards: PD3.0 ( Power Delivery 3.0), QC3 (Quick Charge 3)

Support for Apple’s 20W fast charging 9v/2.22A for compatible iPhone devices MacBook and other USB-C laptop compatible with high speed cable

Over voltage & over current protection.

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The classic sockitz is designed to fit in most wall brackets and are a snug fit due to the components required for the USB charger module.  The back of the unit extends into the wall 33mm and requires a cut out hole of more than 74mmx51mm

[/qode_accordion_tab][qode_accordion_tab title=”How are the ports power shared?”]

As different devices have different power requirements the second usb port may be automatically disabled if the first port uses up all available voltage and current.

As an example you can plug two regular 5v usb charged devices in and have them both charge simultaneously. However if you plug in a QC3 device like a newer Samsung phone or tablet that fast charges at 9V the first port will be disabled.

Any device that requires more than 5v the charger module will disable one port.

[/qode_accordion_tab][qode_accordion_tab title=”Do they come in black?”]

Yes but our first shipment batch was only white. We are expecting black units Q1 2022.